Your vitality nest

24 June – 30 June 2017, Osilnica Slovenia


Energy is Everything – Nothing Is Solid “; explain quantum physics scientists. What we perceive as our physical material world, is really not physical or material at all, in fact, it is far from it – it is energy. This has been proven time and time again by multiple Nobel Prize winning physicists (as well as by many other scientists around the world).

Energy is our Treasure

If you do not have everything you want in life yet, it is time to raise your energy level, so that you can find answers. A high energy level is like being literate – you can read, understand and write what is going on in your life.

Why not to write your own history?
Energy enables this to happen to you.

This seven day Yoga and iVitalis retreat will help you to build your own vitality nest and you will develop a jumping platform for everything you want in your life. The Yoga and iVitalis retreat is a practical retreat and a suggested prerequisite for future trainings with the institute BISERNICA : Touch for Health (Energy kinesiotherapy) training and iVitalis trainings.


iVitalis is based on a western scientific approach and combines knowledge of the east in a way that westerners can comprehend the importance of vital energy and how to use it in everyday life trough easy exercises.

Temazcal (or native American Indian sauna) is an ancient ritual that will help you detoxify your cells. During this “sweat lodge” ceremony we will practice iVitalis technics to optimise this detoxification, increase the beauty of our skin and build our immune system.

In combination with Yoga, you will get a full spectrum of vibrating energy. We will practice daily simple Yoga postures, that are possible for everybody; beginners or those who never done Yoga, even those with physical injuries or problems can join. We will also receive initiation into the Yoga system of meditation.
Experienced Yoga practitioners and teachers will find enough challenges in this retreat to deepen their discipline.
Aside from the postures we will dive into the theory of the Science of Yoga, so all participants will gain a deep knowledge about this ancient system..

The integration of these systems based on some of the most valuable, ancient, Indigenous traditions (Yoga, Temazcal and Chinese Medicine) in one retreat turn this event into a unique experience of physical and spiritual development!


Here Are 8 Reasons to Go on the Yoga and iVitalis Retreat:

1. You’ll relax, de-stress and eat healthy food without having to do all the work
Sometimes we have to be far from home to give ourselves the permission to truly relax. Being on a retreat allows you to listen to your body, rest when you need it, and be free from stress.
The retreat is all inclusive: you will get three healthy and delicious meals a day. You will get the nutrition that your body needs. Rising your level of energy and detoxifying low energies is supported by the food on the retreat.

2. You’ll replace old habits
When you get out of your regular routine for a week that enables you to replace unhealthy habits with conscious new behaviours that support you in being the best possible you. The best way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a new healthy one.
You will come home with a refreshed appreciation for life. You will feel re-energized, healthier and happier.

3. You’ll take your knowledge of everyday energy care to the next level
Practicing yoga and iVitalis exercises regularly can be challenging if you have a busy schedule. During the retreat you will learn how to integrate these practices in your daily life. This integrative approach will ensure your progress and you will see the positive effects more quickly.

4. You’ll make new friends
It is always great to be surrounded by people with similar interests, because they support each other. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Even if you go alone, you have a chance to make friends with people from around the world.

5. You will be more successful in communication with friends, family and colleagues
The group energy, ice breaking and community living will make you more comfortable in communicating with those around you, also after the retreat back home.

6. You’ll get a new perspective
Going to a new place creates an opportunity to see the world, and yourself, in a new light. Experiencing the unknown is an accelerated way to grow and learn.

7. You’ll go into self and meditate
No internet around all the time, no cell phone buzzing or boss reminding you about deadlines, space and time is dedicated for you to find yourself in a safe environment with much support and guidance. On the retreat, it feels a lot more natural to be present in the moment and go into yourself.

8. Because you deserve it!


During the program and every day after the program while practicing the exercises, you will experience liberation of stress, feel positive emotions, have more energy during the day and find solutions to challenges.

Don’t believe untill you see?
On arrival we will evaluate each participant’s health condition using a Meridian Digital Device (MeriDiM).
This will produce charts on a computer model that indicate your current condition.
At the final day we will measure again. Like this you will have a good view on your health condition, and have enough data to discover how to stay healthy.


During the retreat we offer to those who need or wish chromo- light therapy. This is free of charge for all participants. A safe & effective medical treatment with a wide range of applications for your health, beauty & well-being:
– Natural healing therapy & pain relief
– Rehabilitation
– Prevention



CLICK HERE to see the daily schedule of the retreat


CLICK HERE to see the team that will guide you trough the retreat

The food is vegetarian with Vegan option and Ayurvedic influences.
You can let us know specific diet requests.
And by the way… we have an Italian chef!


All this NOW at the cost of

Christmas fee – until 31 January 2017

Early bird fee – until 24th of April 2017

Regular fee – after 24th of April 2017
(tax 22{58001ad85467b0b859079b1d8b226c5c12d9f12aec87975a4f3d2e05695acdc7} included)

*A non-refundable deposit of 250EUR upon registration.
**Balance has to be paid due June 3th, 2017.

In case of cancelation of the Retreat from our side, we will refund your payment.

The booking at this unique, extraordinary retreat will only be secured and confirmed on receipt of payment.

There are minimum 10 and maximum 20 spaces for this Retreat.

Payment trough bank transfer :
You are registered after paying the 250e deposit.
The remaining value of your order should be paid no later than June 3th 2017.
Please pay online quoting your full name as the reference along with the name of the program (Yoga&iVitalis retreat Slovenia).
Institute BISERNICA (SI42066077), Bickova ulica 17, SI-4000 Kranj, SLovenia
Bank: SKB banka d.d.
Account number: 03138-1000516378
IBAN: SI56 0313 8100 0516 378

Price Includes
– 6 nights lodging at Hotel Kovač Osilnica in Double/Twin rooms (optional single rooms available)
– Each room has a private bathroom with western-style toilets, hot water, shower, fridge and internet access.
– Unlimited access to Wellness centre (Saunas, Whirlpool, Swimming pool)
– 3 Meals per day / vegetarian and vegan + organic juices
– 2 MeriDiM health consultations
– 6 Morning Yoga meditations
– 5 iVitalis meditation and exercises
– 4 Yoga Nidra sessions
– 1 Wellcoming Yoga and iVitalis class
– 2 Native American Indian sauna with iVitalis detoxication
– 5 Yoga classes
– 1 iVitalis trip to nature
– 6 Mantra sessions
– optional chromo- light therapy

Price does not include
– Flight tickets
– Entry Visa if needed
– Transport from airport to retreat center and back
– Individual session/consulting/massage/coaching upon request
– Insurance
– Excursions that are not in the program
– Extra days of staying at the resort

Optional and Individual sessions
– Bioresonance body scan (2 hours) and summary with life guidelines – 200 EUR, early bird 120 EUR
– Bioresonance therapy – 100 EUR, early bird 80 EUR
– Health consultation and coaching – 80 EUR per hour
– Ayurvedic, Swedish and iVitalis Massages – 40 EUR per hour
– Yoga individual instructions – 40 EUR per hour

Other services at the retreat center which are not included in the retreat programme
– Single room
– Beverages and other drinks
– Extra food, fruits, ice cream and treats
– Souvenir shop
– Any other personal services rendered
– Laundry service

* Organizers have the right to change the locations and program activities
* We do not support alcohol, smoking and other substances prohibited by law.