Positive and practical natural healing is a force that incites the living consciousness of the Higher self.

Through the state of higher awareness, that is reachable with relaxation, a person recognizes his blockages and limitations that he accepted, can recognize the causes that brought him there and can disband them.

For thousands of years shamans in »primitive societies« talked about visions in which they see a ladder/path that leads from the ground to the sky. From the perspective of ancient healers your physical body is just the crystallization of your Higher body and not its cause. With natural therapy you will learn of the different types of consciousness and the path to knowledge on different levels of the physical body; Instinctive Spirit; Higher Self.

The results are: a happy individual, filled with energy and motivation. You will free yourselves of the bonds of »modern« decadent beliefs regarding aging, sickness and stress, which will bring you to the ability of seal healing and creativity.

Intensive transformation enables you to overcome and remove emotional and energy blocks in yourselves and learn to find your inner personal power.

Information about the price of the course is available on the email: info@bisernica.si