Osebna odličnost

Recognise yourself and reconnect yourself with your Inner Essence.

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by Neja and Petr Zupan

Who For?
This retreat is for anyone who wants to get insight why something is happening in his/her life, who wants to relief her/himself from recurring behaviour, emotions, responses, who wants to set her/himself free: learn to have, know, and take charge of your own actions, emotions and mind.

Why join in?
Now is the time to break the chains of old patterns that restrict your potentials to live your true self. Retreat: Resolve recurring patterns is a carefully formulated day by day experience that enable you to recognise cause-effect connection of what is happening in your life. As soon as you are aware of the connection you have the power to stop and reprogram patterns. The retreat is designed to equip you with essential understandings and skills that will help you break through obstacles also in everyday life.

The benefits include:

  • Discover cause-effect connections of what is happening in your life
  • Reprogram habitual responses
  • Learn to have, know, and take charge of your own actions, emotions and mind
  • Get skills to break obstacles in everyday life
  • Create your own life by True Self

You came here because you want to change something

Retreat is based on personal experience and knowledge of Neja Zupan, who recoverd from life threatening disease: aggressive form of ductal hormonal dependant cancer using practises that she is going to deliver at this retreat. Neja has more than 25 years of experiences in healing and personal transformation. To recover she has used all her knowledge and wisdom. She is living testimonial that incurable disease does not exist.

Personal excellence is the science of studying self at various levels. Knowledge and skills of Personal excellence are standard equipment on the way to solutions, progress, success and satisfaction. The highest purpose of knowing techniques, principles and values of Personal Excellence, is not to fix people or change those who are facing problems or disease, but to support people in learning about oneself, others and the environment in which they live. The aim of the techniques of Personal excellence is to develop skills that allow a person to solve problems and achieve goals in professional and private live in order to become more happy, healthy and successful. This means to live his/her own potentials, gifts, talents. This is the only way to create lasting satisfaction and success.

Retreat is very practical oriented. You will Discover Yourself, learning to embrace and become the exciting process of living in ways that create magical and powerful transformations in yourself and your world. What you will change in ten days is the most you can change, which is much more than you believe possible.

Here is an example of the daily retreat schedule

  • 06-08 Meditation with fire & Archetypal energies
  • 08-09 Breakfast
  • 09-10 iVitalis exercises
  • 10-12 Journey to discover personal resources
  • 12-14 Lunch
  • 14-15 Yoga Nidra
  • 15-18 Pearls Sonic Waterfall
  • 18-20 Dinner
  • 20-21 Study & Contemplation, Discussion with teacher
  • 21-23 Social program: singing songs, watching educational movies, dancing, story telling

By the way this experience is only available for up to maximum of 18 participants. A group small enough to ensure the maximum benefits is realised for you as a unique individual.

About the Teachers (click the links for more info)

Dr. Neja Zupan is a registered Touch For Health Instructor, registered with the International Kinesiology College, NLP Instructor, registered with International NLP Trainers Association, very senior Yoga practitioner and is an extremely experienced practitioner of many forms of healing.

Petr Zupan is a Sound healer, iVitalis trainer and Touch for Health Practitioner.

Saša Zupan is a Touch for Health Practitioner, iVitalis trainer, NLP Master Practitioner and is an experienced family psychologist.

How to register for this healing opportunity?
For you to book this exceptionally priced unique experience please contact the institute Bisernica.

BISERNICA Institute Team
Bickova ulica 17, 4000 Kranj
Slovenia, EU

The fee includes full program, discussions with teachers and social program.
The booking at this unique, extraordinary retreat will only be secured and confirmed on receipt of payment.

All this NOW for the cost of:
Early bird fee
1300€ (VAT* not included) for participants to book and full payment to be made one month before the retreat**
Regular fee
1600€ (VAT* not included)

To pay online via internet banking
Add up the value of your order one month before the retreat. Please pay online quoting your full name as the reference along with the name of the program (Resolve Patterns).
Institute BISERNICA (SI42066077), Bickova ulica 17, SI-4000 Kranj, SLovenia
Bank: SKB banka d.d.
Account number: 03138-1000516378
IBAN: SI56 0313 8100 0516 378

Additional costs are:

    • transportation from Ljubljana airport, bus station, train station to the place of the event-you need to send your timetable at least one week before arrival that we are able to organize help for you (from Ljubljana to the location –one way cca 200km- 40 EUR both ways)
    • individual treatment/session upon request

More reasons to come to Slovenia?

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* VAT is 22{58001ad85467b0b859079b1d8b226c5c12d9f12aec87975a4f3d2e05695acdc7}
** for exceptions please contact us.

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You can contact us:
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