Recognize an upcoming illness before diagnosed

Recognize an upcoming illness before diagnosed

How to recognize an upcoming illness before diagnosed?

Neja Zupan

For example: a middle-aged woman goes to the doctor because she’s feeling bad, tired and slightly depressed. The doctor examines the patient and checks her blood and urine. All the tests show normal values. Therefore, the doctor calms the patient down saying everything is ok and encourages her to do more exercises and come back for a check up after six months. After a year the patient gets diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Have you experienced this: you felt bad, but the medical tests showed normal values? Or you feel bad, without energy, tired, but don’t have a temperature, and you don’t have the flu…

Most people don’t even know that something is going on until it becomes a serious health issue.
Unfortunately, official medicine with its technical knowledge cannot pinpoint an illness before it has actually emerged in the form of symptoms that can be proven with medical investigations. When the illness is present in the body it is too late for preventative measures.

A big advantage of Bioresonance healing (offered at Bisernica Institute) is recognising energy imbalance in the body that can lead to an illness in the future. When imbalance is recognised in early phases we can act – to prevent and stop every illness.

Bioresonance healing (offered at Bisernica Institute) is not first-line diagnostics, we would not use bioresonance to diagnose someone with a disease or a condition, we would use it to detect what is going on in the body energetically, so that we can suggest appropriate natural treatments, foods and supplements, energy exercises and relaxation. We would discover what mental patterns are connected with a condition and suggest activities to overcome that pattern.

Let’s look at the six stages of the development of an illness according to Ayurveda. The first three stages offer the possibility for preventative action if we recognise them.

The first stage

An illness starts if one or more Doshas become bigger. Signs of imbalance are:
– Bad digestion.
– Bad intestine flora produces toxins that are accumulated in the digestive tract.
– Toxins in the stomach are a consequence of kappa imbalance; toxins in small intestine are a consequence of pitta imbalance; toxins in large intestine are a consequence of vata imbalance.
– Due to toxins, mild symptoms appear that indicate the beginning of an illness.
– A dislike to certain things, food, drinks and a craving for other things, food, drinks appear.
– Some examples of imbalance: Vata imbalance shows with constipation, insomnia, winds, fear, dried skin, cold extremities; Pitta imbalance shows with hot flashes, acidity of the body, bitter taste in mouth, anger; Kapha imbalance shows as bad digestion, weight in stomach after consuming food, paleness, bloating, indigestion …

The body in this phase wants to remove the toxins that is why it is important not to suppress it with medicine.


The second stage

– Accumulated Doshas, that are Doshas in imbalance, increase even more and become upset.
– The amount of produced toxins increases, that is why symptoms from the first stage increase, pains in digestive tract may appear, sickness, heavy head, tiredness, troubles with sleep …
– Emotional imbalance and negative thoughts may appear.
– Due to bad functioning of digestive tract one or several problems connected with digestive tract may appear: intolerance to food, winds, stinking stools (a healthy person has non-stinking stools),  burping, gluttony, (a person lacks the feeling of hunger), lack of appetite, craving for sugar, bread, fatty food, meat, fizzy drinks, milk and milk products.
– There can also appear one or more troubles with sleeping: a person has difficulty falling asleep, a person wakes up at night, has difficulty getting up and would like to lie, a person is in the morning without energy and without getting enough sleep (usually needs coffee), needs a nap in the afternoon.
– Heavy sweating or not enough sweating are also symptoms that appear due to imbalance of energies in the body.
In this phase the body starts to function abnormally.


The third stage

– Imbalance starts to spread from digestive tract throughout the body.
– There are unspecific signs: “I don’t feel well.” “I am tired often”. “I can’t concentrate.” “I can’t remember.” and similar feelings and thoughts.
– Because imbalance of Doshas starts to spread around the body, symptoms appear also in other parts. For example Vata: dry, cracked skin, pain in joints, pain in lower back, headaches … Pitta: skin inflammation, diarrhoea, temperature, dizziness, inflammation of ears, throat …Kapha: coughing, swelling of glands, accumulating of fluids in the body, congested nose …
– There can be first signs of depression and other signs of psychical imbalance.

This is the last phase when an individual can prevent an illness with adequate food, activities, rest, emotional balance and positive thoughts and so insure that the balance of energies is created in the body. The balance of energies means feeling good.

The fourth stage

– On this stage medicine can measure and prove flaws in the body.
– Imbalance starts to accumulate in the weakest part of the body . structure or organ, that is genetically most burdened. Imbalance starts to show as a damaged tissue and wrong functioning of a certain body part.
– Degenerative disease starts to spread and illness becomes chronic for example inflammation of joints, arthritis …

The fifth stage

– Symptoms spread around the whole body.
– Traditional medicine classifies and diagnoses an illness.

The sixth stage

– The illness becomes chronic. With the usual approach of traditional medicine the illness cannot be healed. Traditional medicine can only ease the symptoms or suppress them.
– Often an illness is incurable according to the parameters of traditional medicine.
– For curing an illness a patient needs help of an experienced naturopathic counsellor, a strong will, faith, laughter, joy, inner peace, love and positive thoughts.
– On this stage certain illnesses can be fatal for example cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinsons disease, muscle dystrophy …

Natural medicine step by step removes symptoms so that it frees causes for imbalance and wrong functioning. When the balance of energies is established, a person feels good and healthy.

Are you feeling good? Have you perhaps recognised some signs and wish to do something for your health yourself? Do you wish to know how look after your health and prevent illnesses?


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