The name originates from the findings that the deepest traumas originate from the period before, at and after birth.

Most of us have had a more or less stressful birth. The experience imprints deep in our memory and leaves a trace. Many ask themselves, how come that many things keep repeating in their life.

Findings in psychology point toward numerous connections between certain psychological states of the individual and experience that the person had before, at and after birth. Rebirthing is called rebirthing because when the practitioner, in a suitable environment, relives the experience before, at and after birth.

Sometimes it is good to ask ourselves, do we understand our body language, and at the same time, do we even listen to it? Do we even know how to listen to it?

Rebirthing activates our instrument, to release stress, pain, emotions, limiting beliefs and outdated values. Rebirthing brings changes that would be hard to achieve before therapy.

You can read more in the article Rebirthing technique.

Rebirthing is an excellent tehnic to know oneself and combined with other methods brings great success. It connects us with our body, emotions, thoughts, soul and spirit. It creates space for happiness, love, success, prosperity and good relations.


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