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How often do people wonder: »is it possible to wake up from dreams and the pain is gone – disappeared«

If you thought »that would be nice«… then are you ready to pass the test? This is the Touch for Health method and different Pain reduction techniques.
This is how you reinforce your wellbeing, satisfaction and health.

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This weekend I was at a spa. While reading the brochures, I overheard an enthusiastic thought from one of the doctors, who has himself recovered from a serious illness:

»There is no sickness, there is only a sick person.«

Chronic pain is a public health problem, as it is common and has a negative influence on the quality of living. We recognize acute and chronic pain. Chronic pain most commonly follows acute pain that was not properly healed. Pain formation is influenced by both physical and psychological factors.

Reduction of acute pain is therefore a form of prevention. There are numerous techniques available in the Touch for Health method that successfully reduces pain. Even more… With the help of the Touch for health method it is possible to identify the risk factors that can often lead to the progression from acute pain to chronic pain.

Pain HAS a biological protective role. It warns us that we MUST change something in our lives. Chronic pain is not an illness but a warning from the body that we are doing something wrong.

»There is no pain, there are only people in pain.«

Even if you do not believe completely, come and try out the Pain reduction techniques that originate from the treasure trove of the connections between the eastern and western medicine.

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Most common use:

  1. Pain reduction after injuries
  2. Chronic pain reduction (long-term – pains in the arms, legs, hips, pains with no origin…)
  3. Pain reduction after surgery
  4. Preparing for surgery procedures
  5. Acute pain reduction (headaches, stomachache, intestines…)
  6. Raising energy
  7. Relaxation on the corporal, emotional and mental level

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Instead of investing in a piece of clothing invest in yourselves! So cheap it is…

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