iVitalis program

iVitalis program represents physically undemanding exercise, meant for everyone, who wish to be relaxed, have more energy, positive inclination, motivation, regain their health and also keep it in good condition. The content of the iVitalis program is based on the science of applied kinesiology and knowledge of sports. The initiator of such a program in Slovenia is dr. Neja Zupan who with the help of external collaborators, shares their amassed knowledge in a practical way to other people, expanding their positive energy, good will and satisfaction.

Kinesiology – Basic principles of the iVitalis program

The basic foundation of the iVitalis program is kinesiology. It is a science of understanding the workings of joints and muscles, the studying of the movement of the human body… It has even been proven scientifically, that there is a connection between the quality of movement of an individual and his/her physical and mental wellbeing. The findings from the area of kinesiology are used on different fields like physiotherapy, work therapy, chiropractics, osteopathy, education, athletics, training, psychotherapy. The findings of kinesiology are used in therapeutic and prevention purposes and for the betterment of the quality of life.

There are many branches of kinesiology, that cover a wide variety of different aspects of life and are different from one another mainly in their use of techniques for relieving unbalance. All the branches of kinesiology have athletes this in common: the use of the muscle testing technique. This is a gentle, slow press on the muscle, with which we help identify the symptoms of blocks in a person. The symptoms are early warning information, which help a person, to correctly act on the problem and get well.

The invaluable worth of kinesiology is the direct experience of communicating with ones own body. The natural answer helps in the process of selecting the technique, that will help obtain the correct balance. The healing is in such a way adapted to every individual and does not include unsuitable medical procedures that could slow the healing time.

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Kinesiology – touch for health,

The use of kinesiology comes from kinezio-therapeutic treatment which was developed in the 60s of the previous centaury. It was then, that they officially confirmed the connection between muscles, glands and organs, which has grounded the scientific understanding, that the body is a connected whole, that the same energy channels are used both for the muscles and the organs.

Symptoms and diseases do not appear by coincidence just somewhere on the body, but are connected with an exact specified happening in an individual. The essence of kinesiology is understanding, that every part of the body is connected with thoughts and emotions and vice versa, that the body, emotions and thoughts influence the energy state of the individual.

From the abovementioned has the method TFH, Touch for Health developed, which is used in prevention (therapeutic) purposes mostly for the balancing of our own energy and achieving inner solid and peace.

The Touch for Health method represents a whole system of learning for health and has proven success with:

  • removing sleeping problems, tiredness, stress and depression,
  • pain relief (head, neck, back, legs, arms),
  • healing damaged muscles, ligaments and bruises,
  • healing chronic ailments like allergies,
  • healing problems with kinesiology and coordination,
  • removing study problems, concentration and fear of examination,
  • quitting smoking and other kinds of addictions,
  • reaching inner peace, etc.

Reinforced with the knowledge of applied kinesiology and sports experience, we at Bisernica have decided to do something good for the people and help them to achieve their health, energy and wellbeing by a natural route. With a lot of thought and vision we created the iVitalis program.

In the iVitalis program, we can offer you the following programs:

iVitalis therapy

iVitalis therapy is a fast and effective solution for creating energy balance in the body. The therapy is adjusted to the energy state of each individual with specific exercises. It is intended for providing sufficient energy to fulfil all Life tasks and to maintain good Health and Vitality.

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iVitalis exercise

The iVitalis motion exercise is an upgrade of the Standard physical exercise. It is an exercise for your physical, emotional and mental body. It strengthens the muscles and the internal organs, balances their energy flows and functions. Through the exercises you learn that the organ functions are connected with your emotions and thoughts


iVitalis course 

is an upgrade of the practical iVitalis exercises with theoretical knowledge. It is a learning and experience in the use of kinesiology, the Touch for Health technique. Learn the different techniques and methods that are of help to your wellbeing and health in your everyday life.


iVitalis expeditions and trails

are based on walking in nature, whilst strengthening the internal organs. During the walk on the flats or uphill, we execute basic exercises with which we acquaint the participants with the functions of the main organs.

A great advantage in the iVitalis programs is their accessibility to a wide circle of users and its simplicity. The programs are suitable for users of all age groups while the exercises can be modified for the requirements of the group.

Join all the satisfied users of the iVitalis program and do something good for your health and wellbeing.