iVitalis terapija

iVitalis therapy – a fast and effective way to balance your energy state

iVitalis therapy is a fast and effective solution for creating energy balance in the body. The therapy is adjusted to the energy state of each individual with specific exercises. It is intended for providing sufficient energy to fulfil all Life tasks and to maintain good Health and Vitality.

The therapy is based on the foundations of Applied Kinesiology methods (the Science of Motion) and also on the Touch for Health method. It is a confirmed fact that emotions and thoughts influence the energy state of each individual. Studies show that the unbalance of the body function is developed from energy channel blocks inside the body, which then reflects on your Health and Vitality (in negative situations, at unhealthy diet, when feeling inadequacy, at excessive sport activities, at workaholics, lack of sleep and relaxation, unhealthy habits etc.).

More information about this method is available in the article iVitalis.

Ko nimate energije za naslednji, včasih že enostaven in banalen korak, ali se morda zataknete ob venomer iste težave in ne veste, kako se jim izogniti, je iVitalis terapija primerna za vas, saj odpravlja tovrstne energijske blokade.

Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that blocks in the Meridians (energy channels in the body) can lead to problems with Health and disease states. The iVitalis therapy restores the optimal energy state in the body by removing unbalances in the energy flows. The body can be balanced fully: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Real case: A man in his best years had problems with his prostate. He had to go to the bathroom many times a day, but could not urinate. Because of the continuous pain the doctors have suggested a surgery. It was then when he has decided to do something for his Health. He signed up for the iVitalis therapies and started with regular iVitalis exercises. Within 2 years of improvement a great progress was evident and the doctors have concluded that the surgery is no longer needed.

The iVitalis therapy provides specific exercises for each client to balance their energy flow through the body, so that each individual can acknowledge their energy within.

The iVitalis therapy is the perfect solution to reduce pain and other problems in the most natural way. It will help to:

  • Reduce pain,
  • Reduce short memory problems, problems with recollection,
  • Reduce incontinence and urination problems,
  • Balance blood sugar level,
  • Handy help when fainting occurs,
  • It is an energy support for your exams,
  • It is a fast way for reconciliation.


In addition to iVitalis therapy we are honoured to introduce you a novelty in the iVitalis therapy: the measuring of Energy potential in the body with the professional device MeriDiM!

Why do we recommend MeriDiM?

MeriDiM is an excellent tool of Holistic Medicine. It is based on the great wisdom of the traditional Eastern medicine and brought to you by the modern technologies of the Western world.
It offers a fast, simple and whole scan of the energy state of the internal organs. Depending on the results of the MeriDiM measurements we adjust the iVitalis therapy for each client.

An effective therapy is based not only on the Anamnesis (information about the patient) but also on exact measurements of the Meridians (the energy channels in the body).
With the use of a precise instrument we can determine the next step in the Healing process. The therapist looks not just through the eyes of his mind, now he can base his practice also on objective results of MeriDiM measurements which are available in text and picture.

There is a good reason for the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words.


Choose Health – decide for the iVitalis therapy combined with the professional MeriDiM device!

AND: get prescribed iVitalis exercises to improve the energy flow in your body also at home (prescribed specifically for each individual).

AND: receive a picture of your energy state measurement with the MeriDiM device to your email address.

AND: get instructions to your email address which Bach-drops to use to improve your energy state.


One therapy (60 min)…68€

VAT is included in the price
Information is available on the email: info@bisernica.si

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