The gift of healing is present in everyone. It is not a gift that only some would have. Have you ever hit yourself? What have you done first? Have you first touched the hurting part, maybe blowing on it? You have responded instinctively and have sent the body healing energy. Do you what a mother does when her child is sick or hurt? She nurses her child, takes him into her lap, hugs him, talks to him lovingly. And so does the energy, that the child needs, flow to him. An act of love intensifies the healing process. And when you were on hard times and a loved one has hugged you, kissed you and compassionately touched you? The touch has a special meaning. It means love. And that is what fills.

Your satisfaction, happiness, health, success and riches are something that you have influence over. The academy for health and vitality – the iVitalis Academy is here, so you can deepen your natural abilities and gain a formal certificate.

We help you to remain healthy, vital and live in prosperity.

You can get many pearls just by reading our blog and receiving our emails.

The most precious pearls you can get on our formal training courses:

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Energy therapist of the ‘Touch for Health’ method / an Energy kinesiotherapist

The base goal of the education is to train professional workers for therapeutic work with individuals on the areas of natural healing, prevention, rehabilitation, sustaining vitality, satisfaction and success of the individual.

Energy kinesiotherapy is an uninvasive method of natural healing, which reduces stress and pain, improves health, wellbeing and vitality, deepens realization and satisfaction. Useful kinesiology was developed by dr. Goodheart and it combines useful techniques and principals of western and eastern medicine: Chinese medicine, chiropractic, kinesiology and anatomy. The method helps on physical, emotional, biochemical and mental level, so efficient communication can develop between different systems, so the body can start using its natural sources of ensuring health, wellbeing, vitality and satisfaction.

iVitalis practitioner

The base goal of the education is to train professional workers for pedagogic work with individuals and groups in the areas of exercises for health, prevention, fast rehabilitation and heightened vitality.

The iVitalis training is an upgrade of normal body exercises. iVitalis training is training the physical, emotional and mental body. With the exercise we strengthen not just the muscles, but also the internal organs, their function and energetic currents that flow through them. The functions of the organs are connected with emotions and thoughts. iVitalis training is physically unintense and suitable for everyone who wants more energy, relaxation, health. iVitalis training is important to everyone who wants to be calm, have more energy, a positive outlook, motivation, regain and keep their health.

iVitalis wellness master

The base goals of the education is to train professional workers on the field of wellness for work with individuals and groups in wellness centers, to perform techniques that enhance health, preventive, influence a better and faster regeneration and raise vitality.

The iVitalis wellness program is an upgrade to existing programs in wellness centers. The techniques enable faster detox, deep relaxation, renew the workings of the immune system, restore energy and improve circulation of the bodily fluids. iVitalis wellness is important to all those, who wish to renew their inner source of health, satisfaction and wellbeing in a short time.

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