Our most important assignment is to help find gifts in every individual.

Gifts, we call them pearls, help the individual, to live a happier and satisfied life. With our support we care for the growth and development of the individual, the society and humanity.

The BISERNICA institute expands its knowledge, beside the educations, workshops and seminars, also on free classes. Our doors are open for conversation; we help with personal development and counsel free of charge. Over the last year we have done more than 20 free classes and many hours of counseling and conversations.

Your donation will help many who are in mental, emotional or physical distress, too find the solutions, get the realization and step on a life path that is happier and satisfactory. Your donation will enable them to gain professional help.

The Bisernica institute is a nonprofit organization, and that is why your donations will be intended exclusively for support of executing expert and free counseling and classes.

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BISERNICA institute
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SI-4000 Kranj
Slovenija, EU

SKB banka d.d.
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With your donation you can easily show your support and thanks for our work, perseverance and dedication.

Dr. Neja Zupan