Cookies Policy

Cookies are used to improve the user’s experience of the website, to enable the use of multimedia and interactive content and to display special features.

About Cookies

Cookies are text-only string of information that a website restores to the Cookie-file of the user’s Browser on the user’s computer. The websites that are using this function are able to recognize a visitor and remember certain data, i.e.: the user’s language setting, menu settings.

Cookies play an important role creating a user-friendly experience for the website visitors. Also some Cookies are essential for certain websites to operate correctly.

We recommend you leave Cookies enabled, otherwise it may mean that you can experience reduced functionality of this website. Please note, that removing Cookies will change your user-experience on certain websites and can also unable the use of some online features.

Type Name Purpose Duration
Own PHPSESSID allow the operation of web sites Session
Own woocomerce_items_in_cart, woocommerce_cart_hash, woocommerce-recently_viewed, wc_session_cookie E-shop up to 2 days
Youtube use_hitbox Cookies are configured when you watch youtube videos Session
Youtube PREF, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, YSC Cookies are configured when you watch youtube videos 6 month
Gogle Analytics _utma, … , _utmz Page view statistic – Google Analytics up to two years
Facebook reg_fb_gate, reg_fb_ref, wd, highContrastMode, act Facebook plugin Session
Facebook datr, locale, _e_0hjQ_0 Facebook plugin 1 year
Own cc_cookie_accept Saving decisions on the use of cookies 1 year
Own cc_cookie_decline Saving decisions on the use of cookies Session


Managing Cookies in your Browser

Most browsers are set by default to accept Cookies. The validity of Cookies can be set to a short or a long period of time and after the expiration of validity the Browser will delete the Cookies by default.

In case that you choose to disable the Browser Cookies, some web-pages will not be able to offer you a user-friendly experience or will not be able to operate correctly.

However, also the user can decide to enable or disable cookies, i.e. by changing the Browser settings to enable specific Cookies or to disable Cookies for a specific website. To manage the use of Cookies there are various resources available i.e. in the “Help” section of the Browser.

As our Cookies allow the access of some of our website’s essential features, we recommend that you leave Cookies enabled; otherwise it may mean that you can experience reduced functionality.