Power Animal Ladybird


Power Animal Ladybird Ladybird heralds a time in which our wishes begin to be fulfilled. Realisation of our goals is now possible and old worries begin to dissipate. More»

Power Animal Warthog


Power Animal Warthog The spirit of warthog teaches us to be confident when initiating projects that may seem impossible or too big to accomplish, and succeed. It supports us in the ability to face any attack with right action. More»

Power Animal Ant


Power Animal Ant They work hard, are co-operative, patient, respectful no matter to their social hierarchy. This all gives them an extraordinary ability to work as a team: to build their home, to feed and protect all members of their colony. The Spirit of the Ant teaches us unconditional love and self-control. More»

Power Animal Octopus


Power Animal Octopus The Spirit of the Octopus teaches us to be the master of our intelligence, not the slave. By using our reasoning skills the way the octopus does we are utilizing a tool and open ourselves to subconscious worlds. More»

Power Animal Mouse


Power Animal Mouse The mouse is a wise animal, quietly getting on with its business and accomplishing its purpose without too much attention. It pays attention to little details and can adapt to different environments. More»

Power Animal Pigeon


Power Animal Pigeon The Spirit of the Pigeon teaches us that, regardless of external circumstances, peace within us is always available. Meditation and practicing deep breathing can help us to find inner peace, assisting us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose. More»

Power Animal Flamingo


Power Animal Flamingo Flamingos can often be seen standing on one leg, the other leg is hiding underneath their body, keeping perfect balance. Name Flamingo originates from Spain word fire. In ancient Egypt they were considered as representation of the God Ra, the Sun. More»

Power Animal Camel


Power Animal Camel Camels can bear the burning temperatures of a desert and keep walking distances. The Spirit of the Camel teaches us to be strong and persistent in any situation, especially when challenges come without unnecessarily worrying. The Spirit of the Camel is protector of life in harsh circumstances. More»