The mission of the BISERNICA institute, institute for development and personal growth is realization of the satisfaction in each individual through awareness. Humanity is facing cosmic change. Behind us are the technical, economic and social revolutions. But the spiritual revolution remains, which we are already a part of, bringing with it more radical changes than the previous revolutions. This revolution is gaining strength for years. What had a few years ago resided outside of the human consciousness is today important for the person seeking reason. People are researching the invisible fields more and more and this is just the beginning of the spiritual revolution. The path of consciousness is the path of freedom and completion.

Our motto is ALL THE GIFTS ARE WITHIN YOU. And you can start realizing how the doors of the new dimension of seeing are opening, when you open to the possibilities within you. After all, it can happen that you will perceive the world in a totally different light. And no, HURRY, you can become an important herald of the new age, just as the flower opens and blooms, so does the sky brighten, the sound of freedom can be heard and felt trickling into the depths.

At the BISERNICA institute we perform individual counseling for all kinds of life challenges between the clients who are also retired. With the approaches we use, we achieve good results. At the BISERNICA institute we also perform different programs, workshops and trainings for different life goals. The programs are directed towards increasing satisfaction in life, personal growth and improvement of health. We performed trainings with similar content for women. Amongst the participants there were also retired people whose satisfactory golden age was opened.

The purpose of the BISERNICA institute is to train individuals and groups for quality personal and professional life. That is why we develop programs, counseling, trainings and workshops, trainings and education for individuals and groups, for physical persons and business entities, for children, young and old people. The activity and supply of the BISERNICA institute is based on Neurolinguistic Programing, Organizational Anthropology and Useful kinesiology – the Touch for Health Method. We have published in Slovenian 4 books of our author dr. Neja Zupan. All the books are signed into the COBISS catalogue. The BISERNICA institute cooperates with other local and foreign experts.

We are the experts on the fields of:

Reaching satisfaction and health of the individual (emotional relaxation, health through movement, neurolymphatic point massage, neurovascular point massage, nutrition for specific organs, enhancing brain activity, pain reduction, enhancing the workings of the immune system, memory training),

Developing topmost individuals and individuals who stand out (potential development, fast change training, competence building, goal reaching, self-consciousness),

Communication skills (negotiation, work with problematic people, effective presentation, strategic communication, communication models, leading meetings, motivation, formation of one’s own personal vision).

The programs cover both the theoretical and practical part. Participants are in the training framework actively integrated in the execution of practical exercises. The counseling and education also both integrate the active participation of the individual. The advantage of so gained knowledge is readily usable practical knowledge in practice, in everyday (home) environment.

We participated in creating and executing programs of training for medical workers (for which we gained EU funding), for firms in the area of marketing, performed several educations on the topic of personal growth and communication skills, for 2 spa complexes in Slovenia, we have prepared the training Touch for Health..

ALL THE GIFTS ARE WITHIN YOU, we help you discover them, so you can then use them for your satisfaction

The BISERNICA institute is led by dr. Neja Zupan, counselor and sensual therapist, trainer of neurolinguistic programing and a teacher and therapist of the Touch for Health method.