Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Gong and Alternative Medicine


Our special programs and exercises are popular because:

  • We have many years of experience and excellent results on the field of energy management.
  • We search and examine the causes for your problems and difficulties on more levels and we eliminate them by working with you together.
  • We awaken the best in you that you need for your Healing, Recovery and personal contentment.

For thousands of years people are seeking for peace and understanding and we can find it only when we have understanding and peace within ourselves. Now the time has come when we are able to embrace this knowledge.

Our thoughts are sending out electromagnetic waves from our Heart centre which can be measured. It is proven that the human Heart is the strongest generator of electric and magnetic fields in our body. Compared to our Brain our Heart is a 100 times more powerful generator of electric fields and a 5000 times more powerful generator of magnetic fields. All that exists in our world is the result of these two energies.It is well known in the Science of Physics that when the electromagnetic field of an atom is changed, the atom itself is changed. And as the atom has changed, the material has changed also. And we can manage all this with our Heart. How? This process is activated in our Heart due to our feelings which appear in our Heart – Brain connection. Therefore it is very important for individuals to learn how to manage their thoughts and feelings so they can sense more widely and openly: feel, hear and see more. It is essential how we act as individuals because our influence impacts on everyone and everything as we are a whole.
As Professionals at the BISERNICA Institute we are excellent with working on one’s individual progress and energy management. We encourage you to act more and more from your heart, so that your electromagnetic field can grow stronger. For the Law of Attraction to work you need the support of Energies and your Subconsciousness. Then you can embrace everything what you need to be healthy and satisfied.