Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Gong and Alternative Medicine


Neja’s message: “Be the Pearl – shine bright!”

  • Because you deserve it!
  • Because it helps you to deal with challenging situation with ease!
  • Because you were born for happiness and health!

We are here to support you to be healthy, stress-free and to teach you how to manage your energies for your wellbeing. We walk the talk.

Our motto is ALL THE GIFTS ARE WITHIN YOU. Activate your power and discover your true self! Break Through! major life barrier in this exact moment and open up to expand your Health and Wellbeing.
For thousands of years people have saught peace and understanding. We can find it only when we have understanding and peace within ourselves. Now the time has come when we are able to embrace this knowledge.
Learn to manage your energies, learn to manage your life for your Health and Wellbeing.